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Bangor SEO Company, established in April 2020, has been pioneering online strategies since the era of dial-up in 1998

01. Strategic

Business consulting: Analyze challenges, strategize solutions, optimize operations. Drive growth, enhance efficiency, ensure adaptability. Expert guidance for sustainable success in ever-evolving markets.

02. Professional

Professional business consulting prioritizes tailored, data-driven solutions, ensuring companies navigate challenges with expertise and achieve sustainable growth through strategic guidance.

03. Loyal

We take personally the growth of all our clients to ensure their continued success. When you work with Bangor SEO Company you become one of us and it is our job to drive your business further.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Not all clients get over a 420%+ increase. During the pandemic’s onset in March 2020, our clients proactively initiated an agressive Ecom SEO campaigns, contrasting with competitors’ retreats. This highlights the rapid results that can be achieved in a short space of time


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Lawrence Pryor


With over two decades in diverse online roles, Lawrence has amassed unmatched expertise. After freelancing globally, he’s returned to N. Ireland, establishing an exemplary SEO firm focused on results.

Lawrence continuously adapts to evolving website ranking dynamics, ensuring an edge over competitors. Regardless of your online business nature, we enhance traffic and conversions.

Connect with us to bolster your online growth. Procrastination hampers progress; take the necessary steps today to fortify your business against unforeseen challenges.


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