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We Can Get Your Business Seen!

Autocomplete-optimization positions your company at the forefront of potential customers’ searches. Elevate above competitors by leveraging this powerful tool.

Get Your Brand Visibile

Get seen before your potential clients reach the results page

Dominate The Results

Bangor SEO Company Leads ensures your presence in Google. Customers encounter you before your competitors.

Thinking Outside The Box

Companies often spend a huge amount of money on SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but you don’t have to. It helps you bypass search engine algorithms and puts you in the autocomplete results for Google.

Bypass The Competition

When customers select your company via autocomplete, you own the entire next page

Get Started Today

Don’t wait until the competition catches up. Be at the front of this new revolution in marketing

Competitive Advantage

Surpass your rivals. Whenever someone enters your chosen keyword phrase, you appear before any competitor does.


For your chosen keyword phrase and location, yours will be the sole listing. We ensure each keyword phrase is unique to a client and keywords cannot be resold to a competitor

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Our Most Common Questions

How long does it take to see my company in the Google auto-complete?

To ensure your presence in auto-complete, we must build authority around your keyword phrase. The duration varies based on keyword competitiveness, but anticipate appearances in Google over 90 – 120 days.

Will this grow my business?

Google reveals that while 91% of users observe auto-complete suggestions, 71% actively use them. When users encounter your product or service recommended in auto-complete, it boosts their trust in your brand. Naturally, when selected from auto-complete, all organic listings spotlight your enterprise, sidelining competitors. This typically results in a surge in business for our clients.

Beyond featuring in autocomplete, does Autocomplete-Optimization offer any additional online benefits for my business?

Absolutely. With our approach, your enterprise can dominate the first page’s organic listings on Google. Beyond that, Autocomplete-Optimization bolsters your digital footprint and strengthens your standing within search engines. This method ensures consistent outcomes and predictable monthly expenses.

Does Autocomplete-Optimization yield robust leads for my business?

Definitely! When users turn to search engines such as Google, they’re driven by a specific need or desire. As they start their search, they’re potential customers. Clicking on your listing transforms them into qualified leads.

We channel leads from platforms like Yelp, BBB, YouTube, blogs, press releases, and aggregate sites including YP.com, DexKnows, and Merchant Circle. Thanks to Autocomplete-Optimization, all this content surfaces on Google’s first page leading users directly to your web pages.

Does the Autocomplete-Optimization track results?

Certainly. While we can’t monitor your phone calls or in-store visits, we do gauge the surge in your website traffic. The Autocomplete-Optimization consistently provides reports illustrating the heightened traffic channeled to your business from various sources. Positioned at the vanguard of search technology, our Autocomplete-Optimization tool equips your business with a significant competitive edge.

Is Autocomplete-Optimization equivalent to my current SEO approach?

Not at all. Autocomplete-Optimization offers your business an expansive reach: amplified online visibility, dominant positioning on the first pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, increased website engagements, and subsequently, elevated revenue. Simply put – would you prefer a single appearance on a search engine’s first page or multiple? Autocomplete-Optimization can deliver the latter.

Do you employ any black or gray hat techniques to achieve these outcomes?

Absolutely not. To impact the autocomplete, Google assesses current trends. Our approach harnesses the power of social influence to bolster website authority and amplify social awareness, all while aligning with Google’s algorithmic standards for autocomplete suggestions. The specific social media strategies we deploy are honed to prompt Google’s autocomplete recommendations. While there are parallels to traditional SEO, our focus is to fine-tune those elements that directly influence Google’s auto-suggest decisions, centering predominantly on social trends.

Do you do SEO work for us also?

Indeed. For your keyword phrases to emerge as suggestions in the auto-complete box, we prioritize building authority. This entails crafting YouTube videos, generating press releases, quizes and/or blogs, updating directory listings, and engaging on social media for you. While these actions inherently boost your overall organic rankings, our core objective remains: ensuring Google recognize and suggest your business in auto-complete.

Is the keyword phrase exclusively mine, or do you offer the same keyword to my rivals?

Once you secure a keyword phrase, it’s uniquely yours. To verify its availability, input the keyword into Google. If any company name follows your keyword in the autocomplete suggestions, it’s already claimed. Otherwise, it’s probably available. Occasionally, a recently purchased keyword might not yet display in autocomplete. Reach out to us to embark on transforming your business presence.

Are there any extra fees involved?

Within our Autocomplete-Optimization program, the monthly fee is all you’ll encounter. There are absolutely no hidden charges. Once you place your order, your monthly rate is fixed and transparent.

The Process

Exclusivity For Every keyword


  • Act quickly; once competitors claim a keyword phrase, it’s unavailable.
  • Select optimal keyword phrases your customers use.
  • Ensure visibility every time your keyword is entered on Google.
  • Reduce pay-per-click costs as customers locate you directly.
  • Elevate your digital prominence when customers recognize you by name.
  • Swift results. See new clientele quickly via our Autocomplete-Optimization initiative.

Simple To Start

Still Got Questions?

Our program is straightforward and cost-effective, ensuring everyone can harness this technology for increased clientele. Your chosen keyword phrase remains exclusive to you. Once you’ve secured it, competitors can’t access it.

Need more clarity?

Q: Do I pay while awaiting my auto-complete appearance?
A: Only an initial payment is needed. Subsequent payments arise once your keyword hits auto-complete.

Q: Am I visible on mobile searches?
A: Absolutely. You’re displayed on all devices in Google

Q: Time taken for our company’s auto-complete feature?
A: Google takes around 90-120 days.

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